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Komodo Ping-Pong - Live at BBC

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Last time I was in Jakarta, BBC Indonesia invited me to play Komodo Ping-Pong live on their Facebook channel. It became a fun experience with everyone in the studio helping me to sing on the chorus.
Check it out on the video below:

I'm giving you my new song

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Saya telah memutuskan untuk memberikan lagu baru saya secara gratis. Yang perlu Anda lakukan adalah kirim alamat e-mail anda ke sini dan saya akan mengirimkan lagunya dalam format mp3 saat direlease

Bangga Jadi Indonesia, about being proud

Watch the video with Bahasa subtitles here:

Lagu Komodo Ping-Pong and photos from our trip to Komodo Islands

Finally I have the pleasure of releasing a new song for you all. Also this time it's inspired by my first travel to Indonesia in 2016: Komodo Islands!

This song is my second tribute to Indonesia after my traveling here.


We spent a couple of days in a small village called Moni, located by the foot of Mt. Kelimutu.

Nasi Padang Karaoke Version

I'm inviting YOU to record your own version of "Nasi Padang". Upload it to YouTube or Soundcloud, and post it on my Facebook Page. I will share my favourites on the page.

Mp3 Download:

Video with lyrics:

Nasi Padang Lyrics

I still remember when i tasted you
I wouldn't believe that it could be true
It was the first time in my life
And if you were human, I would make you my wife

Nasi Padang x 5

It's the best thing you will ever taste
If you never taste it, it's a big disgrace
I am your biggest fan
Just remember one thing, you need to eat with your hand

Nasi Padang x 5

If I'm closing my eyes I feel the taste on my lips
I can feel the kobokan on my fingertips
And I really think you’re silly
If you’re leavin' the table without tasting the chili

Nasi Padang x 5

I like it like the bee likes honey
I like it like everyone likes money
I like it like the kids like their bunny
I like it if it’s rainy or sunny

Nasi Padang x 10